DIG - Narrative - A film about going the distance for true love. MORE...

COWBOY AS I AM - Documentary - The touching story of heartbreak, hope, and healing.

Director Reel - 2019

Puppet Reel - 2019

SHAMIR - Call It Off - YouTube Music Awards

Ben Folds Five - Do It Anyway - ft. Anna Kendrick, Rob Corddry, and Chris Hardwick

FOO FIGHTERS - Walk (Music Video Contest Winner)

FUNNY OR DIE - AMPM - Episode: Snack Guru (Branded Content) MORE...

FRITZ 'N FRIENDS - Snapchat Original Series - Episode: Printz

TOMMY TRASH - Monkey See Monkey Do - VICE Original

TOMMY TRASH - Monkey In Love - VICE Original


BMW - 328 Hommage (BTS)

ADVANCE BASS - Summer Music