Philip Hodges is a film and commercial director based in Los Angeles.  With a diverse body of work consisting of animation, live-action drama, documentaries, experimental shorts, music videos and commercials, his films have screened at numerous festivals and art shows.  His focus is on children's media and social justice.

Philip launched Snapchat's first original series, which garnered over 80 million views per episode.  As part of the YouTube Music Awards, his video for Shamir was voted among the Top 25 Videos of the Year by The Huffington Post.  He has worked with an array of global brands, and is currently in development with Disney on his first feature film.

Philip is an honors graduate from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Harvard College, where he was an illustrator for the Harvard Lampoon.


HOLLYWOOD REPORTER  The ultimate five minute anti-depressant…
MASHABLE  Fun, zany and whimsical… 
CBS NEWS  Magical and amazing… A big triple-rainbow salute. Awesome, we love it, more, please!  If you're a fan of having your heart warmed to the point of overwhelming joy.  
NERDIST  Like a peach and garlic pie for your eyes and ears - oddly delicious and wholly unexpected.

HUFFINGTON POST - Top 25 Videos of The Year
THE NEW YORKER The effect is sweet and childlike...
THE GUARDIAN  The song’s slightly gonzo energy is harnessed perfectly in the video.
LA TIMES  Shamir churned out one of show's standouts with the Muppet-inspired visual.
FADER The new Shamir video is fantastic. Fantastic!
MTV  What more do you need?
PAPER MAG  Badass.
BUZZFEED  The sugary track is accompanied by an even sweeter, puppet-filled video...
PITCHFORK  ...the transformative joy we feel when we finally get ourselves out of bummer situations.
POPIST  This is a ridiculously fun and charming video.
THE CREATORS PROJECT  Shamir becomes a puppet thanks to Philip Hodges and Henson Studios.
MILKMADE  Philip Hodges does a good job of staying true to the essence of Shamir’s vibrant style.
FLAVORWIRE  ...with the verve and style particular to puppets from Jim Henson’s studio.
STEREOGUM  They have the level of personality you’d expect from Jim Henson Studios.
BROOKYN VEGAN  A sparling visual confection...